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Festival  Essentials 

travel tips 


Not the most glamourous essential, but a practical one! I brought a portable toilet bucket on Mighty Ape ($29) HERE, and it was one of the best things I took! If you're like me and go wee a few times in the night (having kids will do this to you!), this is conveniently better than venturing out into the cold of the night. I took essential oils to clean out the toilet with each morning. 


At a lot of festivals, you can not drive your camp gear into the campground as you typically have to go through a bag search.

At 121 Festival there was about a 1 km walk from the car park to all of the campgrounds, and we were so thankful we all brought trolleys to haul our gear! If you are limited on space in your vehicle, look for a collapsible trolley like this one HERE or even one like this HERE. 



Reusable cups are the way to go at festivals (and life!), saving a whole lot of unnecessary waste. I brought the one pictured for $4 from the Warehouse and chose it specifically because I could put hot or cold drinks in it, perfect for coffees in the morning and alcoholic drinks/water for later in the day. I like that it was a large size, so it could hold a lot, and also black so you couldn't see inside ;)



I brought this body harness from Dolls Kill HERE, and it not only made an awesome accessory to outfits, but it also meant I could use it to carry things on. It was so handy to not have to physically carry anything or wear a backpack. I went to Mitre10 to the tool belt section and brought a leather pouch for holding my cell phone which looped onto the belt part, and I also got a little pouch which clipped onto one of the rings on the harness where I carried lip balm and sunglasses. 



Glitter is a huge thing a festivals, and it's great that there are so many plant-based biodegradable versions out there now. I bought a bottle from ASOS which came from Eco Stardust, and there are so many blends and pretty colours in their range. 


Sunblock is an absolute must, and I recently brought the SPF50 body lotion from ASOP. I love how lightweight it feels. It layers beautifully under foundation, feels soft and moisturising on the skin and has a refreshing smell. 


I can not stress enough how much you will need warm clothes, and especially a warm coat! The days were hot and summery at the festival, but the nights were freezing, and I am so happy I took my heaviest winter coat! It's great to take your photo-worthy festival outfits, but don't forget to pack warm layers and comfortable clothes too. You will need these for snuggling in when you are back in your tent or adding a layer over top when you are out and about in the cold evening nights.



Some essentials for your mental and physical health during your festival weekend! 5-HTP is a supplement to boost serotonin levels, (serotonin being the endorphin that makes us happy) and can help with things like mood, anxiety and depression. Activated charcoal is great for absorbing toxins - you may have seen me mention it on other travel guides I have written were it can aid things like food poisoning or upset stomachs. It is also great for hangovers, take two before bed or the morning after with coconut water for that additional electrolyte boost. (NOTE: Please do your own personal research and consult with your health care practitioner before consuming any of these for the first time)


One of the downsides to festivals is the cheap single-use tents that people buy, which they set up at festivals and then leave on-site to never use again - it causes so much unnecessary waste to the environment as these can not be recycled. Try borrowing a tent if you do not have one, or if it is within your budget and the festival has the option to book a pre-pitched tent, then do that. 

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