We bought our first home on December 20th 2106. The house we bought is the same house we have been renting for the last 7 years - so this has given us plenty of time to dream up all the changes we want to make and realize the value of certain features we want to make shine. 

With a passion for styling and my husband being the owner of a building company (and he also tiles, plasters/paints and everything in between,

lucky for me right!?) we feel we are the perfect pair to take on our 1940's

house renovation, which is mostly still in original condition. 

I will be posting detailed room reveals posts for each room we finish with tips and things we've found you should know along the way, as well as a 'where to buy' guide (material, hardware, and styling items) for each room. 

The kitchen was the first room we completed, followed by the dining/lounge. You can c
heck out my behind the scenes posts in my Instagram Stories. There is a collection of all the photos and videos I have shared so far in the 'HIGHLIGHT'S' section under my bio. Look for the little house symbol with the word 'RENO'S' under it when you are on my Instagram page. Link to Instagram HERE.