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How to prevent food poisoning  

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If you are like us and love to have a truly authentic experience when travelling by trying local foods, eating at markets and from street food vendors etc, then these tips might come in handy for your next trip. I researched this quite a bit before heading to Bali for the first time, and now I still travel with this knowledge today. Nothing ruins a trip more than getting sick, so I hope these tips help you on your next travels. 

There are three main items I make sure I travel with, and I pack small containers of these into our day pack as you never know when sickness or food poisoning may come on. 

Additional ITEMS TO CONSIDER taking 

  • IMMUNITY BOOST VITAMINS - a combination of vitamin C, garlic, olive leaf and echinacea and PROBIOTICS to strengthening your immune system. People often get sick from the long haul flights - the recycled air in the air conditioning systems is notorious for carrying bugs. It is recommended that you start taking these vitamins at least 4 weeks before you travel to give your body time to absorb and boost your immune system for the flights and any food-related bad bacteria. 

  • KAWAKAWA TEA | This tea has a natural soothing and healing effect on the tummy, so if you have an upset stomach, or have bee vomiting etc, then this tea is the perfect thing to have with you. I like the one from T-Leaf brand as it also is infused with ginger and lemongrass which are also perfect for stomach soothing. 



  • LOCAL WATER | Depending on what country you are in, do not drink or brush teeth with local tap water - you may need to purchase bottled water. You may also want to avoid ice, but for me, this was a little tricky as I love to drink cocktails when on holiday, and they are always loaded with ice. I just usually sipped quickly before the ice melted. 

  • WHAT TO DRINK | Kombucha is a great choice if it is on the menu, as this will help promote healthy bacteria. And if you are somewhere tropical, order fresh coconut to drink as these are loaded with natural electrolytes, amino acids and antioxidants.  

  • ORDER FRESHLY COOKED FOOD | Often at street food stalls there are pre-made items that are cooked in advance and put on display to help beat the crowds. Choose stalls that cook to order or you can ask to have a fresh batch made for you. Piping hot temperatures kill germs that cause digestive illnesses. Cool or lukewarm temperatures, on the other hand, encourage their growth.

  • eat where it's busy and where locals are eating | If locals are eating there, it's a good sign you've found a gem! Also, busy restaurant's produce more food and have a higher turn over of food meaning, less food sitting around. Fresh is always best!

  • use hand sanitizer | Often when eating at markets or street food, there is no place to wash your hands before you eat. Travel with hand sanitizer and use before eating. 



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