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leo's indoor bus swing

Bunnings Swing.jpg

As we move through our bus conversation, we thought it would be a great idea for Leo to be involved with his own little crafty side quest, to add something of his own to the project. An indoor bus swing is perfect for a bit of fun that can easily be stored away when not in use. 


We headed to our local Bunnings, and from the kid's play equipment section, we grabbed one of their timber swings HERE. We love that it was such an affordable price and that the timber base was a great blank canvas for Leo to get creative with. So we selected some paints and brushes from Bunning's kid's craft section, a few plain kitchen sponges and some permanent markers too. For the customisation DIY, Leo cut stamp shapes from the sponges with a kraft knife and used paint to create shapes on the swing base. Once the paint was dry he used permanent markers to add all the artistic details. You can watch him create this on my video on Instagram HERE


The installation was super simple, Aaron first started by inserting 8mm riv nuts into the roof framing of the bus. Once the ceiling was lined (still to be painted!), he screwed an 8mm hook into the riv nut and this was strong enough to hold the swing and the weight of Leo. The hooks are removable, and Aaron has plugs to block the holes so when it's not in use it can easily be removed and stored away. 


It was such a great project for Leo to be a part of and the total cost was under $50. He loves his new addition. 

Looking to give your own project a go? Head to your local store or onto the Bunnings website for more inspo.

Bunnings Swing-4.jpg
Bunnings Swing-2.jpg
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