DATES TRAVELLED | February 2016  

When we arrived in Rarotonga we were welcomed warmly with a frangipani lei and then scurried to the resort shuttle. We were given an ice cold bottle of water to sip on for the slow (mostly 30km/hr) 20-minute drive. With my head almost out the window the entire ride, the air was thick and warm. I could smell the smoke from fires of people burning their green waste, and the scent of the lei wafted to my nose each time the breeze came through. People on scooters with no helmets rode by, chickens, pigs, and dogs roamed free, the ocean on the left and mountain range on the right with coconut trees galore. The sights, smell, and sounds were the most tropical I have ever experienced. It instantly felt good to be away. 


We travelled to Rarotonga during their 'off/wet' season, in February. We had a few overcast days and a little more wind than usual for the island (as there was a hurricane passing Fiji at the time we went) but it was still a comfortable 28°C most days. I woke at 6 am to make the most of each day and usually sat on the beach to watch the sunrise. We spent the morning exploring the island by scooter, and when it was hot in the afternoon we would swim in the resort pool, snorkel in the lagoon and sip (one too many) cocktails. When the sun started to drop we would venture out again looking for dinner at local burger joints or markets nearby. To read a detailed guide to my favourite things to do on the island, click on the box below. 

ABOVE : Our beautiful room and accommodation at Nautalis Resort

ABOVE : Burgers at Villis, Muri Beach | BELOW : The best fish sandwiches at Charlies

ABOVE : Mojitos at our resort made with fresh island limes and local sugar cane | DIRECTLY ABOVE : Breakfast at the resort. Most mornings I had fruit, the most amazing coconut custards that I will forever dream of. As a coconut lover, I was in heaven! A coffee and a mini croissant which was the perfect way to fuel for the morning ahead.

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